F*ck your “get 1% better every day” productivity sh*t

Fuck Toyota Way, fuck Kaizen, fuck Benjamin Franklin and Great Britain’s 2003 cycling team.

Fuck. Your. Personal. Development. Shit.

Do you even get math? Do you know what it means to get 1% better every single day?


If you can keep this up for a year, you’ll get almost 38 times better.

Can you keep going for 10 years? Congratulations, you got 5.92945E+15 times better.

Most of us can’t even read this shit.

So stop parroting this crap.

You’re not improving a car production system with multiple teams and assembly lines in post-WWII Japan. You don’t need to fix things in hundreds of places.

You’re a meatbag. You’re either trying to have less meat or you need a better bag.

Fuck your marginal gains and local maxima. What’s your moonshot?

P.S. OMG fuck your Roam and networked thought. Fuck your Zettelkasten. Fuck Notion too. MAKE SOMETHING.

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