Body life hacks

Your body has lots of reflexes that were useful hundreds or even thousands of years ago. Not so much now. As a short-term renter of a randomly assigned meatbag, you want more control over its functions.  Here are some body life hacks that just work.  

Legend: ✅ worked for me, ❌ didn’t work for me or doesn’t work consistently. 🤔 need to test.

Anti-sneeze 1. About to sneeze? Press your finger, hard, against the place between your upper lip and nose.

🤔 Anti-sneeze 2. Press your tongue firmly against the back of your teeth.

🤔 Force-sneeze 1. Have an urge to sneeze but unable to do it? Try looking suddenly into a bright light. The photic sneeze reflex makes you sneeze. Works for about 30% of people.

Force-sneeze 2. Chew a strong mint gum.

Force-sneeze 3. Sniff freshly poured wine.

🤔 Stop “Brain Freeze”. You need to warm your pallet. Try pushing your tongue up against the roof of your mouth.

🤔 Hold up tears. Hold your eyes open without blinking. Already started crying - look upward without tilting your head up.

Prevent yawning. You know that people want to yawn when they see other people yawning - this stuff is contagious. But did you know it’s enough to see a picture of a yawn? Here’s one.

Dalai Lama yawning

Did you yawn? If you said “No” - you might lack empathy. If you said “Yes” - this could have been avoided, were you simply to touch the tip of your tongue.

It works on cats, dogs and other people too. Side-effects may include unstoppable chain of yawning and “deep breathing” later on.

Stop gag reflex. Squeeze your thumb into your palm. Try using toothbrush on your tongue now. No gag reflex. Need someone to test if it works when eating something disgusting.

🤔 Unwanted erection. Pinch your thigh really hard.

Mr. Anderson claims he had to hold his pee for 4 days during WWII.

Anti-pee 1. Squeeze your thigh really hard. Doesn’t work for me.

Anti-pee 2. Perform a kegel exercise (pretend you stop peeing mid-stream). Works for a brief moment.

Anti-pee 3. Distract yourself with mentally challenging stuff. Sudoku, crossword puzzles. I tried doing simple timed math exercises like and it worked.

Get more saliva. You need to pretend to chew. Useful when you need to give a saliva sample for a medical test, but your mouth is dry.

🤔 Stop vomit. You can prevent yourself from vomiting by humming. About 30-40 seconds before you hurl, your mouth will fill with saliva. It's your body trying to protect your mouth from acid that's about to hit. That's your cue to start humming.

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