Body life hacks

As a short-term renter of a randomly assigned meatbag, you want more control over its functions. Here are some body life hacks that just work.

F*ck your “get 1% better every day” productivity sh*t

F*ck Toyota Way, f*ck Kaizen, f*ck Benjamin Franklin and Great Britain’s 2003 cycling team. F*ck. Your. Personal. Development. Sh*t.

Calculating your net worth

Calculating your net worth comes with a lot of questions. This post has some answers.

Gambling ROI

I lost 1,000€ when I was 18. But the ROI is positive.

A better way to decide what movie NOT to watch

I accidentally watched Enola Holmes. Now I want a better solution for film curation.

Bitcoin FOMO

Why you shouldn't worry too much about not investing in Bitcoin in 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2017 / last month? And why is BTC a better investment now than in 2016.

Why lotteries with huge jackpots are (still) a waste of time

MegaMillions and other US lotteries advertise huge jackpots, but does it make rational economic sense to participate in them?

Optionality - the pursuit of many-sided mediocrity?

Optimizing for optionality shouldn't be your default strategy. Here's why.

5 Advanced Google Sheets Tips for Marketers (Mostly SEOs)

Working with large Ahrefs exports teaches you to do some things more efficiently than others. This is a collection of formulas that I use to streamline SEO / link building work, but they might be useful for any marketer.

On Karma, Misfortunes & Envy

Is karma real? How to learn to accept misfortunes? How to stop being envious?