I spent $1,500 on a note-taking course

I spent $1,500 on “Building a Second Brain” (BASB) - a course that teaches you in 5 weeks how to (/*checks notes*/) - take better notes.

How to eat yourself

I fasted for 7 weeks, same way as priests do during Orthodox Lent. Unlike the priests, I didn't cheat.

Rent or Buy? How much house can you afford? What is PITI and 28/36 rule? What’s Price to Rent Ratio?

Are you looking to buy your first apartment? Or are you in doubt if you made a good decision buying your apartment? Are you wondering if you should stop renting and save money to buy instead?

Do you consume information or does information consume you?

How information got out of control, man’s almost infinite appetite for distractions, and why information will consume all your attention, if you will allow it to.

Body life hacks

As a short-term renter of a randomly assigned meatbag, you want more control over its functions. Here are some body life hacks that just work.

F*ck your “get 1% better every day” productivity sh*t

F*ck Toyota Way, f*ck Kaizen, f*ck Benjamin Franklin and Great Britain’s 2003 cycling team. F*ck. Your. Personal. Development. Sh*t.

Calculating your net worth

Calculating your net worth comes with a lot of questions. This post has some answers.

Gambling ROI

I lost 1,000€ when I was 18. But the ROI is positive.

A better way to decide what movie NOT to watch

I accidentally watched Enola Holmes. Now I want a better solution for film curation.

Bitcoin FOMO

Why you shouldn't worry too much about not investing in Bitcoin in 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2017 / last month? And why is BTC a better investment now than in 2016.

Why lotteries with huge jackpots are (still) a waste of time

MegaMillions and other US lotteries advertise huge jackpots, but does it make rational economic sense to participate in them?

Optionality - the pursuit of many-sided mediocrity?

Optimizing for optionality shouldn't be your default strategy. Here's why.

5 Advanced Google Sheets Tips for Marketers (Mostly SEOs)

Working with large Ahrefs exports teaches you to do some things more efficiently than others. This is a collection of formulas that I use to streamline SEO / link building work, but they might be useful for any marketer.

On Karma, Misfortunes & Envy

Is karma real? How to learn to accept misfortunes? How to stop being envious?